Bicycle Routes


Ocean View Circuit
Distance: 22 km
Start- End Location: Blue Sea Beach Park, Malagash
Surface: Paved. Suitable for Mountain or Road bikes.
Park at Blue Sea Beach in Malagash and mount up for a beautiful ride on paved road. Very little traffic. Exit the park and turn right on Blue Sea Road. Continue along the road for a km or so and turn right at North Shore Road. Ride parallel to the ocean for 5 km or so and then turn left onto Smith Road. Jost Winery will be there on your right. Continue along Smith Road for maybe 3 km and turn left onto Malagash Rd. Continue along for 5 or 6 km (it becomes South Shore Road. ) Turn left on Blue Sea Rd, just opposite the wharf. Then a nice 3 km ride back to the Beach, where you’ll want to take a swim in the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas!
Sights: Blue Sea is a beautiful walking/swimming beach, and has changing huts, outdoor washrooms and picnic tables. Beach is 1 minute from the parking lot. Also along the route, you’ll see the Malagash Miners Museum, and Jost Winery. Take a tour, and have a meal.
Difficulty: Pretty easy, except for a long hill on Smith Road.

West Tatamagouche Loop:
Distance: 18 km.
Start-End point: Parking lot on Trans-Canada Trail beside the Train Station Inn.
Surface: Pretty well all gravel road. A little pavement at the end , but the route is not suitable for road bikes.
Head west on the Trail, past the Train Station Inn, Patterson’s Wharf and Nelson Park. Cross Highway 6 and keep going on the trail, for another three km. Trail is now a little rougher than it was closer to Tatamagouche, but still pretty good. When you hit the gravel road after about 3 km (Slade Road) turn left, and ride up the long hill, then the short hill. Turn left onto Tattrie Settlement Road and keep on it until you hit Route 6. Cross the road and keep going on Rocklyn Rd, a short ride up the the intersection. Turn left and ride along a short distance to Nelson Park. Turn into the Park and work your way down to the trail. Right on the trail and head back to Tatamagouche.
Sights: Ocean view along the trail until you hit Route 6. Not much to see after that, just a nice medium route with good gravel roads, and no traffic. Couple of hills on Slade Road but nothing too difficult.

Tata-The Falls-New Annan
Distance: 32 km
Start-End Point: Parking lot on Trans-Canada Trail beside Train Station Inn.
Surface: All paved. Road bike route.
Come up to Main Street and turn left, heading east. The # 6 swings left, across the bridge, but you will head south on Rte 311. Ride for 10 km, till you arrive at the Balmoral Kirk, a big old former Presbyterian Church, and turn right onto Rte. 256. Ride west for about 12 km. The Dorje Denma Ling Buddhist Centre is located less than a km along this road. You’ll see the banners on the left. The 256 ends at Byers Corner, where it runs into the 246. Turn right, here and ride 10 km back to Tatamagouche.
Sights: Just a nice country ride. Careful of traffic on the 311, it is usually busy. ( by our standards) The 256 and 246 are nice peaceful roads, hardly any traffic. You can do this backwards, starting out the 246. However, we designed it the way we did so that the wind, (usually westerly) is at your back coming in the 246 at the end of your ride. Lots of ups and downs, but nothing too difficult. The Nova Scotia giantess, Anna Swan, attended the Wilson School, along the 256, and there is a monument to this effect, beside the school. You may be wanting a rest along here anyway.

Trans Canada Trail (East) Loop:
Distance: 22 km
Start-End Point: Parking lot on Trail, beside the Train Station Inn.
Surface: trail, gravel road, pavement. Not suitable for road bikes.
Take the trail eastwards from the parking lot. Cross Route 6 and continue on the trail, all the way out to Route 326 (Denmark Rd.) The Sutherland Steam Mill Museum is right there. Have a rest, and take a tour. Get back on your bike and turn left on the 326. Drive down the road a ways and you’ll see Forbes Bros. Fine Furniture on your right. Its worth a visit. Continue along the 326 and you’ll see the Pork Shop on your right. Also worth a stop. You’ll definitely come back later to get some meat. Turn left , just past the Pork Shop on the Upper River John Rd. A nice descent for a few km. You can jump back on the trail here (right hand turn) and follow it home, or continue along the Upper River John Rd to the Jim Sutherland Rd. Turn right on it and it follow along. The trail crosses it so again, jump on the trail or follow the road out to Route 6. A quick left right jag back onto the trail, (before the bridge crosses the river) and a short ride back to the starting point.
Sights: The Steam Mill, Forbes Bros. and the Pork Shop. Pretty flat ride. Upper River John Rd is hilly but you’re coming down the hill, if you go the way we’re suggesting.

Grist Mill Loop :
Distance: 20 km
Start-end Point: We suggest driving south from Tatamagouche on Rte 311 for 10 km. to The Falls. Turn LEFT on Rte 256 and cross over the bridge. Take your first dirt road on the right (Spiddle Hill Road North) and park right there. No one will bother you.  There is a nice fish ladder just at the east end of the bridge that you just drove over. You may want to ride over and check it out before you start out. (or wait till you get back) From where you parked, turn right on the pavement (Balmoral Rd, aka Rte. 256)and head east for a couple of kms. until you see the Balmoral Grist Mill Historic Site. Great place for a tour, a picnic or a rest. From the Grist Mill, take the Matheson Brook Rd, (which runs south, past the Gift Shop) Ride for maybe 5 or 6 km. keeping on Matheson Brook Rd. It will sort of veer to the left. There are other dirt roads in there, so be careful. You will (hopefully) reach the pavement (Rte. 326) Turn left and head up the 326 for a couple of kms. Until you hit the East Earltown Rd. Turn left and ride for a couple more kms. Until you come out on the Balmoral Rd. (Rte. 256.) Take it back past the Grist Mill entrance, and end up back at your vehicle.
Sights: The salmon ladder and the Grist Mill are both great points of interest. The gravel roads are nice to ride on, and the 256 and the 326, although paved, have very little traffic.

Warwick Mountain Loop:
Distance: 9 km ( 18 km if you go to Byers Lake. )
Start-End Point: We suggest driving your vehicle from Tatamagouche, heading up the Post Office hill (Rte. 246) for a distance of 10 km. Veer to the left Byers Corner, taking the 256. After a short drive, the road turns sharply to the left. You however, will keep straight onto the Warwick Mountain Rd. Park at the old church on your left.
Unload your bike(s) and continue along the Warwick Mountain Rd. You’ll cross a bridge where two beautiful streams flow together. Several old mills used to be located along this river and you can still find remnants of the stone foundations and dams in several places. Continue along this road, a little ways past the Warwick Mountain Recreation Centre, till you reach the Old Debert Rd. You can turn left here and ride into Byers Lake. 4 km will get you to the Lake, so a round trip of 8 km. Come back out and turn left, continuing along Warwick Mountain Rd, till it reaches the 246. Turn right and head back towards Byers Corner. There, you will veer off to the right and head back towards the church and your vehicle. (As you come down the 246, you could cut a little distance off by taking Marshall Rd on your right. It will bring you out right in front of the church.)
If you are a geo-cacher you will love this ride. There are all kinds of geocaches along the Byers Lake (Old Debert) road, Marshall Road, and the Warwick Mountain Rd. ( There is another one at the Bell Gift Cemetery on the 256, just around the sharp left hand turn from where you got onto the Warwick Mountain Rd. Many old headstones can be found here, dating back to the area’s first Scottish settlers, who arrived in the early years of the 19th century. The Nova Scotia giantess, Anna Swan, comes from this area. Although she is buried with her husband, in Ohio, there is a headstone of hers in this cemetery, and some of her family members are buried here!

Brule Shore Route
Distance: 26 km
Start- End Point: Unload in the parking lot, on the Trans-Canada Trail, next to the Train Station Inn.
Surface: A little crushed gravel, mostly chip seal. Better for a Mountain Bike.
Ride east from the parking lot up to the # 6. Turn left and ride on the pavement a very short distance to Sand Point Rd. Turn left and ride a couple of km. to Brule Shore Rd. on your right. (You can keep straight on Sand Point Rd (out and back would be an additional 8 km) We’re suggesting to turn right on Brule Shore and follow the road past some cottages, and the Narrows. (where the fishing boats come and go from) About 6 km in, you’ll come to Brule Point Rd. Veer left and follow the road out to the end, passing the Country Breadbasket, and the Golf Course. This is an out and back route so when you get to the end, turn around and come back. If you want a little variety, you can turn left on Brule Point Rd, Alex Cox Rd. or Jeff Ross Road . These will all take you out to Rte. 6 (Sunrise Trail) Then, turn right and ride back to Tatamagouche. You can turn right onto the trail, just after Sandpoint Rd. or keep on the pavement and ride back into the village. Taking one of these roads, will only add a km. or so to your journey, however Rte. 6 can be fairly busy.
Sights: Lots of ocean and cottage view. The Country Breadbasket is a Mennonite owned bakery and restaurant with homemade meals and baked goods. It’s a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Tata-Brule-Denmark-The Falls Loop
Distance: 40 km
Surface: all pavement. Great road bike route.
Start-End point: Parking lot on the Trans-Canada Trail, next to the Train Station Inn. Bring your bike up to Main Street, and head out to the left, (east) veer left past Home Hardware, cross the bridge and head out towards Brule. A 10 km. ride brings you to the flashing yellow light at Brule Corner. Turn right and ride south, past the Pork Shop, Forbes Bros. Furniture and the Sutherland Steam Mill Museum for about 10.5 km. Turn right on Rte 256 (Balmoral Rd.) An 8 km. ride will bring you to Rte. 311 at The Falls. You will notice the Balmoral Grist Mill along the way, a great place to stop and take a little tour, or have a rest. Just before you reach the 311, you’ll cross a bridge over the river. There is a fish ladder here that is worth a look. At the 311, turn right and ride 10 km. back to Tatamagouche.

This page was designed for the many recreational cyclists who come to our area. Speaking from experience, I have often brought my bicycle on vacation only to leave it on the bike rack over an inability to find a decent route to go on. Tatamagouche has a wonderful network of gravel roads, which, however, can be confusing if you don’t have an idea where you are going. All we have done here is described several great local routes that anyone can try out. Pick one that you think you’d like to try, follow it on the google map, and try it out.

Most of the routes originate in the parking located at the end of Station Road, past the Train Station Inn. Some have other starting points, as they’re a little far from the village to ride out and back. We put a couple of paved routes in there for the road cyclists, but we did concentrate on the gravel roads and the Trans- Canada Trail, as we don’t particularly like traffic. Be careful, especially on highways #311 and #6! (Sunrise Trail)

We have tried to make the routes as interesting as possible, incorporating local views and/or points of interest. We know that you will also enjoy the peace and quiet, and the lack of traffic. Let us know what you think. We would love the feedback.