Tatamagouche is a must-visit destination with year-round activities for all ages to experience and enjoy.

Road Train
The Tatamagouche Road Train

Four years of hard work by several dedicated volunteers has resulted in the launching of the Tatamagouche Road Train. Departing from the Foodland parking lot on the hour, the Train has been transporting capacity loads of tourists, cottagers and local residents around the village from May through October. The Train Organizing Committee are running the train on a donation basis, and it has proved to be a big hit with well over 8000 passengers to date. In fact, the former Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil came and road the train in August of 2016.  Interesting Tour Guides accompany the train rides, and have proved to be a popular addition to the experience.


Rushton’s Beach

A fifteen-minute drive east of Tatamagouche, along the Sunrise Trail (Route # 6), the warm waters and beautiful sand of Rushton’s Beach will provide lots of fun and relaxation on those hot summer days. Whether you’re swimming, walking the sand flats, or just plain enjoying the beach, Rushton’s has it all – except the crowds!

Blue Sea Beach

Located twenty minutes west of Tatamagouche, on the beautiful Malagash Peninsula, Blue Sea Beach features Northumberland Strait’s famous warm salt water and long stretches of beautiful uncrowded sand flats. Come and cycle the peninsula, stopping in at Jost Wineries and the Malagash Miner’s Museum along the way, and ending your day off with a swim at Blue Sea. 

Parks & Recreation

Patterson’s Wharf

Built by the lonely husbands of  Tatamagouche during the filming of the 2008 T.V. series “The Week the Women Went”,  Patterson’s Wharf has become a popular spot in the village for tourists and residents alike. A five-minute walk from downtown, the wharf is a great place to view the Bay at high tide, take photos,  have a picnic or a barbeque, or just relax and enjoy the slow pace of life in Tatamagouche.

The Trans Canada Trail/Butter Trail 

Part of the National Trail system (The Trans Canada Trail) running through Tatamagouche on the old rail bed, is a great way to see the area while getting your exercise at the same time. Thanks to the hard work of the Tatamagouche Area Trails Association (T.A.T.A.) the 4 km section in and around 
Tatamagouche is surfaced with crushed gravel, making it perfect for biking, walking, running, skiing, and snowmobiling. The adventurous can head east on the trail and bike all the way out to Sutherland Steam Mill.

Heading west on the Trail provides direct access to Creamery Square, Patterson’s Wharf, the Tatamagouche Centre and Nelson Park. Whether you’re walking off a fine meal at the Train Station Inn, or training for a marathon, make the Trans Canada Trail part of your vacation experience.

Nelson Park

Two kilometres west of Tatamagouche, the Trans Canada Trail continues directly through Nelson Park. With a great view of Tatamagouche Bay, this facility is owned and maintained by the Municipality of the County of Colchester.

It offers picnic sites, a newly constructed bandstand, a children’s playground, and a beautifully landscaped garden overlooking the water. The Park is fast becoming a well-known venue for weddings, reunions, and concerts.

Ski Wentworth

Located 28 kilometres from Tatamagouche, Ski Wentworth boasts a vertical drop of 815 feet. There are 20 alpine trails, a 1/2 Pipe, terrain park, freestyle ski facilities and a variety of trails that will challenge any skier from beginner to expert. Their ever improving snow making system covers 2/3rds of the total terrain, pretty much guaranteeing several months of great skiing each winter. Ski rentals are available, as well as night skiing, a full service cafeteria and Ducky’s Bar. A short drive from Tatamagouche, come and enjoy the Valley of Snow!

Remember Adventures

Remember Adventures is located at 365 Main Street Tatamagouche. The core of the business is Butter Trail Buggy rentals and we also assist with add-on tour planning for the Tatamagouche area.

The buggies are quadricycles (4 wheeled pedal powered bikes) with bench seating and a canopy on top for shade and weather protection. 

Tatamagouche is on the Trans-Canada Trail and Remember Adventures has easy access to the Trail via Station Road. Gran’s Book Shoppe is also located at the Remember Adventures location.

Local Biking Trails

The Tatamagouche area offers a number of scenic bicycle routes, with varying degrees of difficulty. We have tried to make the routes as interesting as possible, incorporating local views and/or points of interest. We know that you will also enjoy the peace and quiet, and the lack of traffic (most are concentrated on gravel roads and the Trans Canada Trail). Let us know what you think, we would love the feedback!

Click here for the routes!

Markets & Museums

Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market 

The Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market at Creamery Square provides a vibrant facility to support local farm products, crafts, baked goods, artisans and more. The new Waterfront Canopy added to the Farmers’ Market will impress all visitors with a spectacular view of the Waugh River.

The Market is open to the public from February to Christmas on Saturday mornings. A full array of in-season vegetables, fruit, berries, baked goods, meats, prepared foods, breakfast dishes, fruit trees, soaps, jewelry, art and crafts, flowers, herbs, seedlings, eggs, honey, beeswax candles, handmade maple chocolates and maple syrup products.

Margaret Fawcett Norrie Heritage Centre 

The national award-winning Tatamagouche Heritage Centre will delight and educate visitors of all ages with professionally designed and interactive exhibits.

Investigate detailed genealogy records, maps and documents in our Resource Centre of the North Shore Archives. Don’t miss our Gift Shop for souvenirs to remind you of this one-of-a-kind heritage experience.

The Sunrise Trail Museum showcases artifacts from the 19th and 20th century including the creamery exhibit.

The Brule Fossil Centre includes track ways that are 290 million years old. A diorama and interactive display focus on creatures from the Permian Era that might have made the tracks discovered on a beach at Brule (near Tatamagouche) in 1994.

The Anna Swan Museum honours the life of the famed giantess Anna Swan (1846-1888) who was born and raised in the Tatamagouche area on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. Anna reached a height of 7 feet 11 inches and weighed almost 400 pounds.

Balmoral Grist Mill

A working grist mill from 1874, discover this three-story mill tucked away in a wooded gorge on Matheson’s Brook. See grains being ground, sifted and turned into flour just as they have been since Alexander McKay opened this mill in 1874. Feel the mill in action and hear the whir of wooden gears as shafts and pulleys turn the original Scottish granite millstones.

Bring a picnic and linger in this shady and peaceful place. Hear the mill stream splashing as water tumbles over the dam. Ramble along the Christine MacDonald Walking Trail as it winds along the brook.

Sutherland Steam Mill

Located in Denmark, near Tatamagouche, the mill preserves a time when our forebears were far more self-reliant than we are nowadays. In this mill, trees went in one end, and out the other came almost everything you needed to build and beatify your home. Including bathtubs.

In the 1890’s steam power was the way of the future, and innovators like Alexander Sutherland realized its importance. No longer tied to running water to power a mill, a producer could locate near a transportation source. This is exactly what Alexander Sutherland did when built his mill next to the new Pictou-to-Oxford Short line railroad.

Today throughout the mill you can see numerous examples of Alexander and his son Wilfred’s adaptability and creativity. From designs and patterns to homemade, working machines, over 60 years of ingenuity and productivity is here for you to discover.

If you love things mechanical and innovative, this is the place for you.

Tatamagouche Library

This new, eco-library boasts four public access computers, public access to internet and subscription databases, wireless internet service, and after-hours book drop.  There are also many additional perks to our new library, including a great reading and play area for children, a reading nook on the second floor, and a community room, appropriately named “The Patterson Room”, which is available at no charge and has been the base for many committee meetings, music groups, breastfeeding group, children’s reading programs, and even a Tai Chi class.  

Since opening its doors in 2012, the Tatamagouche Library is proving to be a great place to meet, greet and expand your horizons.  The staff encourages you to check in with them regularly to learn about new programs that may be coming up.

Open Farms

Waugh River Stables

Enjoy a trail ride on the picturesque trails of Waugh River Stables. Enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. Ride along the riverbank and up the mountain to the look-off for a breathtaking view overlooking Tatamagouche Bay and the Northumberland Strait.

Lismore Sheep Farm

Welcome to the Lismore Sheep Farm Wool Shop web site. Our farm is located just off the Sunrise Trail (Route 6), along the beautiful Northumberland Shore in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. We have a working sheep farm with about 300 sheep. Our sheep are mainly Dorset / Finn crosses which produce a beautiful soft fleece.

Here at Lismore Sheep Farm we use wool to create a wide range of products, some of which include ~ wool blankets, wool filled comforters, wool mattress pads, yarn, hand knit socks, hats, mitts, etc. We also carry a variety of sheepskin products ~ mitts, slippers, seatbelt covers, dusters, insoles. Our washable sheepskins have proven to be extremely popular for a variety of uses, some of which include ~ floor rug, chair cover, motorcycle seat, wheelchairs, etc. The farm is also the home of the River John Needle Company, our new venture making wooden knitting needles.

During the summer the barn is open for visitors to see the sheep and lambs up close. There is also an interpretive display that will interest all ages.

Jost Vineyards 

Fall in love with our place in the world. Visit our winery in Malagash and immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s original wine country. Whether you arrive via the meandering oceanside North Shore Road or the breathtaking crest of Smith Road, you’ll see what makes our region so unique.

Hike, bike and picnic with spectacular vistas of the vineyards and beautiful beaches of the Northumberland coastline. The area enjoys a mezzo climate with more days of sun than anywhere else in Atlantic Canada.

Vista Bella Farm

We are a first generation family farm situated on the North Shore. Visit us at 2859 Malagash Road. 1500 fruit trees. 55 varieties of apples, as well as pears, plums and sour cherries. U-pick available September & October, 12:00 -4:00 or by appointment.

Sugar Moon Farm

Sugar Moon Farm 

Sugar Moon Farm is a working maple syrup farm, with a sugar bush and restaurant. We produce quality food in a manner that supports local agriculture, the community and the environment. We buy local ingredients, use a composting system for our public washrooms and employ draft horsepower on our farm.

Make a day of your trip to Sugar Moon by hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing around the farm and along the Rogart Mountain Trail (6.2km), which starts at the parking lot; maps are available in the restaurant.

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