Upcoming Self Care Event at the Business Centre



Sunday, April 22, 2018 (10 AM – 4 PM)

Business Center – 225 Main St, Tatamagouche (Lower Level)


Join us for an uplifting learning experience as you meet some of the leading health & wellness practitioners in our area.  Mini sessions and demos will be happening throughout the duration of the event.  Bring your health questions and concerns to help us help you bring your wellness potential into the light.  All this with the possibility of a special guest Spiritual Medium.

~Most treatment sessions/demos are $20~


Janice Buckler, BSc, RHN                                    Melissa Denning                                       Edie Perkins

FB: “Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting”             FB: “Journey to the Heart”              FB: “Spirit on the Coast”

BioScan Technology – www.natural-legends.com                    Reiki and Energy Practitioner      Jin Shin Jyutsu & Reiki Practitioner


Michelle Greenwell, BA (Psychology)

FB: “The KEY to Health with Energy Medicine: Kinetic Energy YINtegration System”, “One Step To Change Direction”

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Practitioner specializing in Muscle Kinesiology


Natascha Polomski

FB: “Turn up the Frequency”, “Intend2RaeD8”, “Singing Bowls Napolo AMD Ltd.”, “Tessellation Integration Healing”

Therapeutic Touch for Health & Sound Massage Practitioner


Camilla MacDonald, Early Childhood Educator & Deelle Hines, Professional Lifestyle Coach

FB: “The Dream Candy Organization”

Inspiring Youth to Dream Big and Create a Sweet Life – www.dreamcandy.org


Lavana & Adam Valen – HeartFire Transformational Services

FB: “Oracle Essences – Channeling”

Providing Foot Massage, Reiki, and a Message from the Guides


Valerie Hollingsworth

FB: “Earthsong Wellness Services”

Provides Chakra Tuning, Internal North Star Balancing, & Emotion Code Plus Applications


Kimberly Hutt

FB: “Souly Reconnected”

Personalized Spirit Painting through Intuitive Readings


Tentative Special Guest: Miguel Romero – Spiritual Medium  

FB: “Beyond The Veil”



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Job Title:        Summer Maintenance

Date:               May 14th – October 6th, 2018

Reports to:     Jim Baird, Chair and/or Sara Forbes, Village Clerk

Job summary:  Mowing & whipper snipping grass, garbage collecting, general maintenance, gardening, hanging and care of flower baskets and banners, painting and other tasks as they arise.  Hours will vary during season, 40 hours week maximum, unless authorized by commission.  Position is unsupervised.  Wage for the 2018 season will be $15.00/hour.  Candidates must be willing and able to operate and maintain a John Deere 3046R Utility Tractor and equipment, owed by the Village Commission.


  • Ensure the wearing proper safety clothing/vest, work boots, safety glasses, work gloves, on a daily basis.
  • Keeping accurate time cards (provided) and submitting to clerk bi-weekly
  • Mowing lawns within village limits, including all trim (area where 311 & # 6 merge, between sidewalk and road from 311 to Lake Rd, Blair Avenue & Maple Avenue, area between Sunflower & MacEachern Insurance, hill across from MacEachern Insurance, area beside Library, and the hill on Main across from MacKay’s Bros building) on a weekly basis.
  • Collection of debris from trees, ensure complete on an as needed basis.
  • Garbage and dog waste collection and disposal, ensure complete on weekly basis. (There may be another individual assisting with this task)
  • General maintenance and painting of village structures, ensure complete on as needed basis.
  • Watering and care of hanging baskets, ensure complete on a daily basis.
  • Watering and care of flower planters and/or beds provided by the village, ensure complete on a daily basis.
  • Lawn care of Campbell Shipyard Marina, garbage collection & disposal, cleaning of washroom facilities (clean & replacement of toilet paper), ensure complete on weekly basis
  • General maintenance, tidying of flower beds and garbage removal at Patterson’s Wharf, ensure complete on weekly basis, along with routine inspections of property and wharf for any obvious issues.
  • Pick up and placement of hanging baskets at first of season and disposal at end of season
  • Installing banner mounts and hanging banners at the beginning of the season, and removing at the end, placing them in proper storage.
  • General maintenance & care of all equipment, ensure complete on daily basis, and reporting any problems or issues to the Village Clerk and/or Jim Baird.

Please submit your resume to Sara Forbes, Clerk Treasurer via mail or email by April 21st, 2018:

Tatamagouche Village Commission, PO Box 119, Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0
Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted. Interviews will take place the week of April 23rd.


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Our quaint, little village radiates a palpable artistic and historical ambiance. In keeping with modern times, however, Tatamagouche is also a progressive and diversified community, boasting an impressive number of businesses and services.

Located on the warm waters of Northumberland Strait, Tatamagouche is close to beautiful beaches, golf courses, and a ski hill, as well as being a destination for hunting, fishing, and off road enthusiasts.

Offering a wide range of things to see and do for our many visitors, as well as a long list of amenities to our residents, Tatamagouche is a self-sufficient and growing community.

So, whether you’re looking for a tourist destination, or a place to put down roots, come and browse our site, and discover why Tatamagouche is just a great place to be.

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