Meetings and Minutes

The Tatamagouche Village Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month, except for July and August, at 7:30 pm. Currently, meetings are being held in the boardroom of the North Shore Business Centre.

All monthly meetings are open to the public. The public may not participate in the meeting, except if/when they are invited to do so by the commission chair. Any business the public wishes the commission to discuss should be sent to the Village Clerk and Treasurer in writing or by e-mail.

Public presentations from organizations and non-profit groups may be made to the Commission at a regular meeting. No decision on a request made within a presentation will be made by the Commission at the meeting the presentation is made. No decision will be made until all research has been completed and supporting documents received.

Please contact the Village Clerk and Treasurer no less that ten days prior to the meeting, via e-mail, and include any supporting documents required for the presentation.

The meeting minutes are available to the public once they have been passed in the next regular commission meeting.

If looking for minutes further back, please contact us.